Build Your Encore Business

Would you like to build your Nest Egg...

The Easy Way to Build a 'Retirement Business'...

I took a seasonal, part-time, hobby and turned it into a $100,000 business.

Was I great at what I did… or great at marketing?

I would like to think it was both… but I know that without the marketing it NEVER would have happened!

How did I do it?

I developed a "Million Dollar Marketing Mindset"...

The 'trick' is to THINK BIG, especially when it comes to your marketing strategies. I think in terms of building a million-dollar business. It's the ol' shoot for the stars & hit the moon concept.

When you're thinking about building a million-dollar business you think differently, and you DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY… now I haven't made the million yet, and I may never… but that's not what matters. I've done well, very well, and I've implemented systems that allow me to earn a nice income doing work I enjoy doing while having lots of time to spend with my family, including my first grandchild who arrived in March. I'm having a blast, loving life… not the traditional pension funded retirement… but it's good, very good!

I'm not claiming you can do what I have done… but you can implement a PROVEN marketing system that I'm confident will help you build your "Encore" business… and help you earn a nice income doing work you enjoy and still being able to spend time doing what you love, and who knows maybe you WILL make the million!

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